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Haris Rauf shares inspiring cricket journey from street vendor to national hero



Pakistan fast bowler, Haris Rauf, known for his exceptional performance on the cricket field, recently shared an inspiring account of his journey from selling snacks on Sundays to becoming a crucial part of Pakistan’s cricket team, in a documentary released by Cricinfo named “The incredible rise of Haris Rauf.”

As he gears up for the 2023 World Cup, Rauf reminisced about the struggles that fueled his passion for cricket and motivated him to achieve his dreams.

In the heartfelt interview, Rauf disclosed that financial limitations and the desire to secure his education pushed him towards tape ball cricket, a popular and more accessible form of the sport. 


With his father’s limited income, funding education became a challenge, prompting Rauf to take matters into his own hands. 

“The reason I used to play tape ball was to earn money for my education, my father wasn’t earning much to be able to pay my fees, I used to sell snacks on sunday to earn more, my mother had a dream that we could get our own house,”  Rauf said in ESPNcricinfo’s documentary.

The 29-year-old fast bowler boasts a record of 28 ODI appearances, during which he has secured an impressive total of 53 wickets. 

Additionally, he has showcased his prowess in 62 T20I matches, notching an impressive tally of 83 wickets.


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Shadab Khan provides an update on his injury




Pakistan all-rounder, Shadab Khan suffered an unexpected injury during National T20 Cup match between Rawalpindi and Sialkot in Karachi on Sunday.

The incident took place as Shadab was fielding during the match, having bowled two economical overs. The unfortunate mishap occurred when the ball unexpectedly rose above his foot, resulting in a sudden and painful ankle twist. 

The video footage of Shadab being carried off the field piggyback style by a teammate went viral on social media, raising concerns about the severity of the injury.



نیشنل T20 کرکٹر شادب خان انجری کا شکار شاداب کو کندھوں پر اٹھاکر ڈرینسنگ روم منتقل کیا گیا راولپنڈی کی کپتان سیالکوٹ کے خلاف میچ کھیلتے ہوئے پائوں کی انجری کا شکار ہوئے @76Shadabkhan @TheRealPCB #shadabkhan #IslamabadUnited

— KHIZAR AZAM (@KHIZARAZAM) December 3, 2023

In an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, Shadab recounted the incident and explained the severity of the pain that left him incapacitated for a few minutes, making it difficult for him to comprehend the extent of the injury and eventually he had to seek assistance.

“When the ball came above my foot, I had an ankle twist. When the ankle twisted, I couldn’t even comprehend it for 2-3 minutes because the pain was severe. Then I tried to walk to the sidelines. The boundary on the side was a bit short, so I walked out there, but after that, I didn’t have the courage to continue walking. Then there was a guy there, so I thought of somehow making it to the dressing room,” Shadab said.

Fortunately, Shadab provided a glimmer of optimism when discussing his current status of his fitness.


“Now the fitness is improving. The injury is not too major. The report has come, but the doctors haven’t told me how much time it will take. As soon as they tell, the rehab will start according to their instructions.” he further added.

Shadab highlighted the proactive approach being taken to ensure effective rehabilitation process ahead of Pakistan’s T20I series against New Zealand in January.

“The injury doesn’t seem too prolonged. The physios will assess it and plan accordingly for the New Zealand series.” he concluded.