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Cummins highlights decisive phase in Pakistan, Australia World Cup clash



Pakistan and Australia will face each other for their ICC Men’s World Cup match on Friday in Bengaluru.

Australia captain, Pat Cummins has asserted that the game’s outcome would largely hinge on the middle overs. 

“Most games of ODI cricket are won in those middle overs, either by not conceding wickets when you’re batting or trying to get a few breakthroughs with the ball,” Cummins said.


Cummins also highlighted the significance of adaptability.

“It’s an area of the game we spend a lot of time on how to navigate through. We always (say) to our players, play what’s in front of you. If you feel like it’s a good opportunity to attack, go for it. If it feels like a moment where you need to bide your time and set up for the back thing, that’s also ok,” he further added.

The Australian skipper also talked about the importance of strong batting performances. 

“Especially at a venue like here in Bangalore, I daresay it’s going to be high-scoring. Small outfield, pitch is always really good here, so batting is super important,” he concluded.